Dilijan Reserve


Dilijan reserve covers 24 000 hectare of area. It includes the upstream pool of Aghstev river, the eastern part of Halab mountain rage, the north-western part of Miapor and the north-eastern part of Areguni mountain rages.

It was formed in 1958 on purpose of preserving and refining plant and animal world as well as for breeding new variety in local conditions.

The forests are of premium category which means that they have soil-protecting, water-regulating, scientific and economic value. The main varieties of trees are beech, linden, ash, elm, pine and thuja. In Dilijan reserve, along the river Getik are located yew-tree’s groves from which the Aghnabatine is the largest one in Transcaucasus.

The reserve has a rich fauna. Here you can see brown bear, chamois, badger, stone marten, wild cat, lynx, the Persian Squirrel as well as many reptiles and amphibious. Among birds the most commons are the Caucasian black grouse, mountain turkey, partridge, wood woodpecker, blackbird and doves. Nowadays the Ussurian spotted deer, bred deer and wild pig are acclimatized.

In the territory of reserve Haghartsin, Dzukhak, Goshavank, Matosavank and, of course, the wonderful lake Gosh are located.

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