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Hiking to Ajdahak Mountain

Hiking to Ajdahak Mountain 14:18 - 30.08.2011

Before every ascending I ask myself involuntarily: “Will the mountain accept me, do I deserve to have those inexpressible feelings when standing on the summit?”  And these are the questions to make you look back to the path you’ve passed since now and you understand that you are here for cleansing. On the way to Geghama mountains I was thinking about this.

To reach the slopes of Ajdahak we had to pass a long rocky road and we passed it like pilgrims, aiming to climb the giant mount’s summit. Milleniums passed over Geghama mountains leaving behind a victorious history.

When still the volcanoes erupted prehistoric man looked up to the sky in horror expecting sun, thunder or earthquakes. In those times vishaps (stone dragons) were symbol of hope and protection.  The land became green and life was brighter, the first signs of culture were born, rock pictures.

On October 12th 1829, 15 days later when Abovyan ascended Ararat summit, he with a student of Dorpat University Behagel Von Maximilian went to Geghama Mountains. He was impressed by fabulous view of the mountains and the most fascinating perhaps were Geghama Mountains. How they look from Ararat we can’t say, but they fascinated Abovyan.

After Ararat, Geghama Mountains attract many travelers. Scientists Herman Abikh, Franc Lessing, N.Y. Marr poets Nicolay Tikhonov, Wolf Erlich came here. And the mountain opened its secrets with pleasure. These mountains had their great painter Martiros Saryan.

Our team climbed Ajdaak on the first day. It was really a pleasure and peace. There was a lake hiding in the mount’s crater. It had the same name as the mount. We made a camp by the lake. Early in the morning everyone enjoyed the fabulous view from heights. It seemed that my heart stopped beating at that time. We could see the tops of surrounding mountains which were cut from each other by white clouds. Everything seems nothing before majesty of these mountains; all human sins are despicable before this great purity. Here you feel how all your unrealized dreams disappeared, you crave to reach eternity but you fail, it seems that you can hear voices of ancestors who had seen sunrises of this world earlier than you.

Metakse Kolozyan

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