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Armenian sights. Tatev monasteryArmenia is one of the most ancient countries preserved on the Earth.

It was often at the crossroad of interests of big countries. Survival struggle, which lasted for centuries, developed many vital qualities in Armenian people. Creative mind, respecting traditions and loyalty to their beliefs are main characteristics of Armenians. It would be very difficult to create this kind of huge and specific culture, to improve it during centuries without these qualities.Armenian sights. Amberd

Many unapproachable inaccessible fortresses tell us about the achievements that had our ancestors. Each of them is unique by its meaning and was matched with its location, creating a complex security system. Very cleverly was solved the water supply issue, which was very important, especially during occupation period. The fortresses were built in a special way, so a battalion consisting from ten people was able to defend itself against a huge army.Armenian sights. Dadivank monastery

Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as their official religion. For centuries when there was no statehood in the country, the church played an important role in preserving Armenian heritage. That’s why most of the monastery complexes were also cultural and educational centers. The nearby castles gave shelter to the local people who were hiding from the attacking enemies.Armenian sights. Karahunj observatory Many of these buildings were located in inaccessible places; there were also dug spaces in the rocks. A lot of relics were kept in Armenian monasteries. Among them the  the head of Johannes the Baptist, the spear which pierced Jesus Christ.

Renaissance started in Armenia in X-th century, for two centuries earlier than in Europe. The first picture of God was carved in Noravank.

Armenia is also rich with its natural places of interest.Armenian sights. Noravank monastery In the cave of Azokh were found some traces of Neanderthal period. Many waterfalls, mountains, valleys and forests, caves will make an impression on you. Armenia is a unique little world which always welcomes the people who care.

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