Arpa river

Vayots Dzor

Arpa River originates in north-west of Artsakh Plateau, at an altitude of 3200m and flows into the Araks River, on the border of Nakhijevan and Turkey. The length of river is 126km (in Armenia 90km), basin - 2630km². It flows through the gorges with a big difference in altitude. Mines and waterfalls are fallen into the river near the town Jermuk. Arpa valley is wide in some parts of average flow, the river flows through Araks plain in lower flow.

Major tributaries are, from the right, Jermuk, Herher, Yeghegis, Yelpin, from the left - Ughedzor, Kapuyt, Gnishik. It feeds mainly by melt water (57%). River overflows in April-June, especially in May. The average year expense is 21.6m³, maximum - 146m³/s, minimum - 6.2m³. Annual year consumption is 682mln.m³.

Waters are used for irrigation and electricity generation. On the river pumping stations of Jermuk, Azatek, Yeghegnadzor was built.

In order to transform part of water into Lake Sevan, Arpa-Sevan hydro-technical tunnel (length 48.3km) was built. Areni pumping station and reservoir of Kechut were built to regulate the regime of river.

The gorge of Arpa River is very picturesque. There are Areni church near the river, the ruins of Moze city, Gndevank, arched bridge of 13th century near Agarakadzor, numerous caves and other sights.

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