Ptghni monastery

VI - VIIcc.

The monastery was built by Manuel Amantuni in the end of VI c. and the beginning of VII c. The church is quite big and gorgeous, it has many architectural values.

In 606 Ptghnavank resident Israel signed a document which confirmed union between Armenian bishops and abbots.

The church has a hall with a dome and columns on both sides. It is ornamented with various plants and geometric figures. The cornice is very specific, it has carved pictures of jugs. In the middle of arch on the south entrance is depicted Mother of God with angels on both sides. On the sides there are also apostles, three of them on the left, three on the right, other six probably were placed on the west entrance.

On the horizontal part of the arch, on the south entrance there is an image of Manuel Amatuni on a horse and fighting a lion with a bow in his hand. On the right side his son Sahak Amatuni is fighting a lion with a spear. On the north side there are pictures of various birds made by very skilful hands. A lion sitting under a palm also should be paid attention.

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