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How desirable it is sometimes to leave the office desk, sneak away from the broken-down car, close your eyes and appear somewhere else, where you are part of the gentle splashing of the stream and the sound of the chirping birds. Where one’s social status is not relative, and where it’s only ‘You and Nature’. Hiking through the forest trails, climbing the top of the mountains, or just walking in the thick grass of the wild fields.

You can truly and passionately recognize the beauty of life that which our ancestors experienced, that would impress you deeply and inspire you towards new adventures in your daily life.

Armenia is a unique country, where tours acquire a special interest. Here, besides sightseeing there are many historical monuments, which are of great interest both in cultural, historical as well as spiritual field not only for Armenians but for all mankind.

Here you will not only take some time out from the modern civilized life, but also have an opportunity to get acquainted and learn the secrets of the medieval masters. Be witness to the hundreds of thousands of monuments, temples, churches and cross-stones, as if they remained forever exhibited in the museum under the sky.

Tours are generally for the person with an average physical abilities and who is seeking a nice rest. But if you are the adorer of the extremes or a searching scientist, we will with pleasure plan an individual route, according to your preferences.

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