Canyon of Debed river

Lori, Tavush

River Debed is formed by confluence of Dzoraget and Pambak and flows into the River Khram. The length of the river is 178km, starting from the source of Pambak, of which 152km is in the territory of Armenia, and the rest – in territory of Georgia. River basin is 4080km² of which 3790km² is in Armenia. River has a mixed feeding. The regime is irregular. It overflows in spring, rising by an average of 1m. The annual consumption is 995mln.³, salinity - 225mg/l. River is rapid till Bagratashen, makes deep erosion.

The depth of the gorge reaches 350m, near the town Tumanian. The river has hydropower reserves. Waters are used for irrigation and for electricity generation. Ermani and Labauni channels originate from Debed. On the river were built water-pumping stations. The main tributaries are Martsiget, Ajir, Shnogh.

There are many historical monuments in the coastal area of the river Debed: Haghpat, Sanahin, Akhtala, Kobayr, Karasnits Mankants monastery, Bardzrakash St. Grigor monastery etc.

Debed was imprinted in Armenian people memory as a river, full of horror. This is reflected in poem "Loretsi Sako" by Hovhannes Tumanian, where the protagonist goes mad, spending a night alone, in the gorge.

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