Nature of the mountain range Gegham

Ararat, Gegharkunik, Kotayk

Geghama mountain chain is located on the west from Lake Sevan. The highest summits of the chain are Big Ajdahak (3598m), Spitakasar (3555m), Geghasar (3443m), Aknasar (3258m) and Sevkatar (3225m).

From the western slopes of Geghama mountains take start rivers Azat, Vedi, Getar and from the eastern side Gavaraget, Argichi, Bakhtak. Notable lakes are Vanki Lake, Akna Lake, Vishapalich, also the lake which was formed in the crater of Big Ajdahak.

The climate here is moderate continental, with short cool summers and cold long winters. At the  highest parts, near the tops it is always very cold. The average annual temperature in the mountains is 4-6°C, at summits -2°. Annual rate of precipitations are from 500 to 900mm, the snow cover thickness 30-100cm.

Nearby Vanki Lake some vishapakars (dragon stones) have preserved, in ancient Armenian mythology these stones symbolized adoration for water. Many various pertoglyphs can be noticed all around, the most ancient of them are dated for  7th millennium B. C.

According to the legend the mountains were named after a young and strong man Gegham, who was in love with a girl named Khosrovanuysh. Gegham in the name of his love promised to free the local population from the seasonal floods which ruined everything on their way.

From year to year, every day Gegham climbed the mountains carrying a big basket with scum seeds. On the top he planted the seeds in those barren lands.

Years passed and his efforts were rewarded. One day when it started raining everyone saw that mountain streams couldn’t break the walls of scum.

Since then the mountains were called after this young man Geghama mountains and the wonderful lake now was called Geghama Sea (Lake Sevan).

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