Khosrov forest (Khosrov reserve)


Khosrov forest (Khosrov reserve) covers 27 000 hectare of area. It spreads on the south-western slope of Geghama mountain rage as well as on the slopes of Urtz, Yeranos, Dahnak, Irits Ler and Khosrovasar. It located at an altitude of 1600-2300m above sea level.

Since 1958 Khosrov forest is considered to be a State reserve which was formed on purpose of preserving and refining plant and animal worlds as well as for breeding new varieties.

In mountain slops a semi-desert landscape dominates. Forest cover spreads on average heights consisting of sparse forests of oak-trees. Here grows broad-leaf euonymus, mountain ash and the Caucasian honeysuckle. At higher expanse mountain prairie vegetation grows.

Armenian mouflon (wild sheep) and Bezoar goat are widespread in fauna. You can see also leopard, grizzly bear, wild boar, fox, rabbit, hare lynx, marten, wolf, badgers and etc….Forest is particularly rich in bird world. You can see black kite, eagle-lammergeyer, Griffon vulture, eagle, wild pigeon, seagull and etc...There are many reptiles; particularly a poisonous viper. Since 1594 the Ussurian spotted deer has been acclimatized.

Geghard, Havuts Tar, Kakavaberd, medieval bridge and many other historical monuments are located in Khosrov forest. A deep river Azat flows through it, on the tributaries of which there are many magnificent waterfalls.

The reserve was named Khosrov in honor of the Armenian king Khosrov II Kotak. According to Movses Khorenatsi forestations were carried out in the territory of reserve during the reign of Khosrov.

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