Ararat district

Ararat district
Artashat, Dvin, Khor Virap, Kakavaberd, Hovhannes-Karapet, Stepanos, Vishapakars
Ararat, Gegham mountains, Khosrov forest, Yeranos, Azat reservoir
Climbing to the mt. Eranos, Trip to the Kakavaberd fortress

The territory of Ararat has been a part of Vostan province (Airarat Ashkharh of Great Armenia). In the Middle Ages this province was known as the province of capitals. Here were located the historical capitals of Armenia – Artashat and Dvin. Ararat region borders with Turkey and Autonomous Republic of Nakhijevan, which is currently in the structure of Azerbaijan.

Natural conditions and resources

The territory of Ararat is divided into two parts – on the plains and mountains. The plain part is about 10-15km and is located between the river Hrazdan and the state border of Armenia. The climate of Ararat is sharply continental. Especially sunny, windless and prolonged autumn is nice, when fruits ripen in orchards and fields.

Sides of Geghama as well as Urtz and Yeranos Mountains occupy the most mountainous part of region. Here, a forest has preserved in separate parts, which was founded by the king Khosrov Kotak in IV century.


With the ups and downs of Armenian state, the number and composition of population has also changed. It composed majority in the 1830's, when tens of thousands of Armenians moved into the territory of modern Ararat district from Salmast and Khoy provinces of Iran. Nowadays, the population of the district is homogeneous, but there are also Russians as well as Kurds and Assyrians. All the settlements were built on the smallest plain part of territory. The mountainous part of the region is not so settled but in summer, some temporary residents use it as pastures.


The biggest city and the administrative center of the region is Artashat, which is situated near the Yerevan – Goris – Stepanakert highway. Artashat has its multibranch industry, which has developed for 3-4 decades, after the establishment of wine, canning, milk, furniture and textile factories. The chain of educational, cultural and medical establishments as well as have been developed.

Ararat, Masis and Vedi are the other towns of Ararat district. Ararat is known as the center of heavy industry. Cement plant and a factory of gold ore processing are located in Ararat town. Food and light industries are developed in Masis and Vedi towns. A big rail junction of goods is located here which serves Yerevan and is very important for the whole Republic.

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In Zangakatun (Sovetashen) village there is a house-museum of great Armenian poet Paruyr Sevak.

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