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Running away from death. In the winter on Aragats mt. 02:16 - 02/02/2013
Running away from death. In the winter on Aragats mt.
We had no reason to expect our death, before starting of snowstorm...
Climbing to the mt. Eranos 11:41 - 27/06/2012
Climbing to the mt. Eranos
We went down from temple of Garni to Azat river canyon and passed to the other side.
4 winter ascensions 02:19 - 02/01/2012
4 winter ascensions
The end of 2011 was mentioned with 4 ascensions in December…
Поход в Джавахк 18:49 - 16/10/2011
Поход в Джавахк
We knew that it was an Armenian land and was populated by Armenians. But we couldn’t even realize what we were going to see there…
Hiking to Samson monastery 21:59 - 29/09/2011
Hiking to Samson monastery
tarting from Yerevan we went to onr of the most solitary places of Armenia, Tavush marz
Hiking to Ajdahak Mountain 19:18 - 30/08/2011
Hiking to Ajdahak Mountain
To reach the slopes of Ajdahak we had to pass a long rocky road and we passed it like pilgrims, aiming to climb the giant mount’s summit
From Enokavank to Makaravank 00:45 - 08/08/2011
From Enokavank to Makaravank
It was Sunday and we went hiking again. This time we decided to enjoy wild beauty of Tavush forest and to feel indescribable pleasure of overcoming mountain heights...
Hiking to Aragatz 15:17 - 12/07/2011
Hiking to Aragatz
The mountain met us with its pleasant fresh cool air and bright colored flowers. We started ascension from the Lake Kari (3207m)
Night ascension of Hatis Mountain 01:19 - 20/06/2011
Night ascension of Hatis Mountain
Being a big fan of such trips my delight doubled when I heard that we were starting at night. Walking under the moonlight is wonderful
Hiking to Haghartzin - Goshavank - Lake Goshi 11:01 - 07/06/2011
Hiking to Haghartzin - Goshavank - Lake Goshi
On 5th June we decided to go hiking to Dilijan National Park
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