Nature of Armenia

Nature of Armenia. "Dilijan" National parkArmenia has a very rich nature.

In this small land are growing more then 3200 varieties of vegetation of which 120 grow only in the territory of Armenia. Even many varieties have armenian names.

The animal world is also very diverse. There are about 12 000 types. Many of them are also unique for the Armenian natural world.Nature of Armenia. Mountain Aragatz

Armenian nature played a major role in the history of Armenian people. In the same way as in the days of the Flood it has become a cradle of formation of a new humanity later it helped people in the days of struggle against cruel enemies.

Due to the high mountains and deep gorges Armenian castles were unassailable. Rivers overflowed when enemy passed through them and lakes with their brilliance made attacking soldiers blind.Nature of Armenia

Many songs and poems are dedicated to the Armenian nature where it is obvious, how it is in harmony with centuries-old history and culture of Armenian people.

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