Gegharkunik district

Gegharkunik district
Gavar, Hayravank, Hacarat, Noratus, Sevanavank, Vanevan
Artanish, Gegham mountains, Sevan
Hiking to Ajdahak Mountain, 4 winter ascensions

Gegharkunik is the largest district by area. The 1/4-th part of region is covered by water that is one of the specificities of the territory. Gegharkunik occupies the major part of Syunik Ashkharh of historical Armenia, especially Gegharkunik, Sodk and Areguni regions.

Natural conditions and resources

District takes the catchments basin of Lake Sevan. There are numerous volcanic cones in Geghama and Vardenis Mountains. Especially Azhdahak and Armaghan volcanoes are interesting, in craters of which beautiful alpine lakes have been formed. The climate is rather pleasant. Lake Sevan grows milder the winter frosts and summer heat of the coastal zone.

Here you can see fortresses, castles, ancient settlements and cuneiforms of Urartian times. In the territory liberated from the lake, tombs of 5000 years’ prescription have been found.


In the late Middle Ages, Turkish-speaking pastoral tribes have penetrated into the territory of district. Here they found excellent pastures. After the annexation of Eastern Armenia to Russia, many Armenians from Western Armenia and Russian sectarians migrated to the territory of district. Now the population is homogeneous.


Gavar is the administrative centre of Gegharkunik. Armenians from Bayazet (Western Armenia) founded it in 1830, in the territory of historical Gavarakan. At first, the name of the city was Nor Bayazet then - Kamo.

Population was occupied in handicraft, agriculture and trade. Industry has developed in Soviet years. There were built electrical, textile and instrument engineering factories at the expense of which Gavar had become one of the biggest industrial centers of Armenia.

Population besides agriculture was engaged in handicraft and trade. Industry has developed in the Soviet years. Were constructed instrument making, electrical, textile plants at the expense of which Gavar has become one of the prominent industrial centers of Armenia. Now in the city, there are also educational, cultural- educational and health centers of regional importance.

The second city of district is Sevan (in the past - Yelenovka), which was founded in the first half of XIX century by the Russian sectarians deported from central Russia. Its convenient geographical position contributed to the rapid development of the city. (It is located at the crossroads of Ijevan-Yerevan and Yerevan-Gavar highways).

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