Armavir district

Armavir district
Gayane, Zvartnots, Ejmiatzin, Hripsime, Shoghakat, St.Astvatzatzin (Vagharshapat)

Armavir is the smallest district of Armenia by the territory. There is a highway bridge, built across the Araks River (nearby Margara village) which connects Armenia with Turkey.

Natural conditions and resources

Climate is continental. In autumn, the weather is sunny, windless and long. It is especially nice, when fruits ripe in orchards and fields.

Metzamor is the only river that originates within the district. It is fed by Lake Ayghr and nearby springs. Kasagh River is the biggest tributary of Metzamor. In spring, waters of Kasagh and Araks rivers overflow and become the reason of destructions.

Armavir is rich in extraordinary historical monuments. A workshop for the metal melting of five-thousand years’ prescription, unearthed in the hill of Metzamor, is a unique monument.

The ruins of Argishtikhinili (city of the old Urartu kingdom) are the historical treasure of Armenia. On the left bank of the Araks river was the capital of Armenia - Armavir. It was the biggest economic and cultural center before the building of a new Artashat capital.

In the west, near the place of confluent of the Araks and Akhuryan rivers, there are ruins of another important city – Yervandashat. It was built by the dynasty of Yervaduni. The memorial complex Sardarapat is of great historic and architectural value of Armenia.


Armavir is in the first place by its density of population in Armenia. The region inhabitants are busy in agriculture that is why the most part of them live in villages.


Armavir is the administrative center of the region (in the past Sardarapat later Hoktemberyan). It is one of the young and fast growing cities of Armenia. It is located on the Yerevan -Vagharshapat – Aragatz - Gyumri highway. There are about twenty industrial plants and cultural, medical, administrative establishments.

Vagharshapat plays an important role for the whole republic, as well as for daily life of Armenians (from 1945s to 1995s it was called Ejmiatzin). Vagharshapat is a religious center for all Armenians. Here there is St. Ejmiatzin church and the residence of the Catholicos of all Armenians. Near the church there is the theological seminary for training (future) priests for Armenia as well as for diaspora.

The atomic power station is the unique in the region and plays an important role in economy of the country. It was established in Metzamor, not far away from the administrative center. Metzamor was built to serve the atomic power station.

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A special type of insect is widespread in Armavir region. In ancient times, they were used for getting a very valuable color, so-called “vordan karmir”.

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