Monuments of town Gavar

Cyclopian fortress - I mil. B.C., S.Astvatzatzin church - 1905 y..

In the territory of Gavar, monuments, belonging to the urartian, antique, bronze and middle century epoch were preserved.

On the western part of the hill, located at the town center there are remnants of «cyclop» fortress (Berdi Glukh), dating back to Ic B.C. (early iron century). It had been stretched 400 m. from the east to the west, had a very well constructed citadel, which was divided by a wall into two parts, and also had underground paths to the Gavaraget River. The fortress had layers of floors added to it during the modern and midcenturies. Supposedly, the fortress was the Royal Capital of the Urartu Velikukhi Land. It was surrounded by more than 22 small fortresses. King Sardur II, after having invaded Velikukhi and conquering the fortress, in that honor his son Rusa II named the fortress Khaldii City.

Tombs dating back to 2000 B.C., were found in the Gavar Theatre square. Small midcentury monuments: cross-stones, gravestones, chapel were also found in the city. Over the centuries, Gavar underwent countless destructions. The last time being its ruination in the beginning of 7c by Shah Abbas I, as a result of which the deportation of the population was undertaken.

In the town center there is a St.Astvatzatzin church, which was built by Bishop Khoren Muradbeghyan in 1905 with help of the local population.

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