Оld relics and monuments of village Dashtadem

Monastery St.Khristаfor - VII c.

Near the village of Dashtadem, there is a famous monastery known as St.Khristаfor by the historical place named Kagheni within that territory, there is also a small 7th century church. To the north there is a square three storey bell-tower, and ruins of the habitats of the previous generations. There also exist fort walls made of jagged stones and a cemetery with cross-stones dating back 10th to the 14th centuries. To the south, the church appears to have a vault like a drum at its base. The sphere within the hollow mass is shaped like a drum with sails that transcend the drums. The south entrance is the only gateway implemented in the 7th century, the walls of which consist of black tuff which has protected the signatures of the masonry masters. The church was entirely overhauled in the year 1980.

There is a vast complex of the Kaghenis castle on the south of the village. The date of the establishment is unknown. Estimates are that it was built during the Urartu era, during the reign of the Kamsars princes. Mention of the Kaghenis castle was made during the first campaigns of Arabs in Armenia during the 7th century. The old part of the castle - a triangular tower comprised of smooth shaved stones - was built in the year 1174 by the last leader of Ani, the Shadadid Sultan, Ibn Makhmud Ibn Shavuri. He built it as a polygonal half-circular tower. The Arabic writings about it were kept in the south tower. Later, perhaps during the Zakaryans, walls were built around the castles with the half-circular towers, remnants of which have preserved to this day. There is a small church near the north wall, the only entrance from the south, comprised of smooth shaved tuff, and preserved cross-stones in the village during the 9th century, where the walls of the church of St.Sargis with inscriptions dating back to the year 1018 were also preserved. On the way to Talin ruins of the coaching inn are also visible.

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