Historical sites near the village Kosh

St.Stepanos church VII c., fortress - XIII c..

In the Kosh village (Aragatzotn district) and its surroundings historical monuments were preserved. The oldest were the ruins of of the settlement during the Iron Century and the tower, made with bazalt stones. At the north-eastern part of the canyon there is the St.Stepanos church(7c.), made from yellow-reddish and brownish shaved toof. The church is rich in decorative ornaments. The interior is covered with frescos. The scenery of the «Praise to Jesus Christ» on top of the altar was comparatively well preserved. To the east of the St. Stepanos church there are the walls of the chapel, made from reddish shaved toof, and to the west rich with cross-stones there is a cemenary (13c.) with a little chapel, made from shaved brownish toof. And to the north-west there is a mid-century engineered water reservour construction, made from the roughly treated bazalt. Its measurements from the inside: 4,8x13,5m., height: 2,8m., the walls width is 1,45m.

In Kosh there are also churches of St.Grigor Lusavorich (13-14cc.) and St.Grigor (19c.), vegetable oil-making factory (18c.), and on the northern section, on top of the hill, there is a Kosh fortress dating back to 13c.

To the south from Kosh, close to the highway, there is a cross-stone- monument (1195, 6,8m. height), made with reddish shaved toof, which was devoted to the liberation of the Aragatzotn province from the Turk-Seljuks.

In the Armenian bibliography mention was made about the Kosh (Kvash the actual name) in 4c. As described by Movses Khorenatsi, the Armenian king Tiran (339-345), after losing his sight, settled in Kosh, and after his son Trdat was killed in Bysantin, he bequited Kosh and other estates to his younger son Gnel. By Arshak II demand, Gnel left Kosh. Tiran banned Arshak, but the late one ordered his servants to suffocate Tiran and bury him in Kosh.

Also in Kosh, the Armenian Catholicos Husik and Daniel were buried.

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