Mayravank Monastery


Mayravank is located in Kotayk Marz, near Solak village.

Church St. Astvadzadzin (XI-XIIcc.) is made of durable basalt, it represents from itself a hall with a dome, on the west side there is a couple of columns and sacristies on both sides of sanctuary. There is a khachkar near the scene wall. On north, west and south sides some ruins of fellowship buildings have preserved.

First Mayravank was mentioned in VII century linked with Hovhan Mayravanetsi. Catholicos Ezr Parajnaketsi the First, in order to humiliate opposing him Hovhan renamed the monastery to Mayragom (cowhouse) and Hovhan to Mayragometsi.

After the conference in Chalcedon in 451, Christian church was severed and influence of Byzantine church on Armenian weakened. The idea of unity was offered by Byzantine king, he aimed to unite severed churches and to renew the lost influence. In 633 during Karin conference Catholicos Ezr had to accept the idea of unity. The idea was not of Armenian origin, it was always considered Chalcedonian. Hovhan Mayragometsi was the only one to oppose Catholicos.

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