Skhtorashen's plane tree (Tnjri)

I c..

Not far from Sktorashen village rises a huge plane tree, which is more than 2000 years old. It is the oldest and the highest tree on CIS territory. The hollow has an area of 44 sq.m. The perimeter of the tree hollow is 27m, the height is 54m. The giant tree’s shadow equals to 1400 sq.m. The leaves of the tree reach to 0,5m. 

Skhotrashen plane is bigger than famous Kos island trees in Aegean Sea and the trees in Pirusa valley near Ashkhabad. 

For the local population it is a sacred place. There is a cool spring Tendjru near the tree, which for centuries slaked thirst of Christians returning from the fields, made the mills work. The notice says that the spring was built by Skhtorashen people Hovhannes Kisibekyan, Nerses Musaelyan and Manas Gasparyan. 

The legends passing from generation to generation tell us, that some remarkable people of our past used to rest under the canopy of this tree – Mesrop Mashtots, Movses Khorenatsi (Vc.), Movses Kalankatutsi (VIIc.), Sayat Nova (XVIIIc.), Raffi, Leo (XIX-XXcc.) and other.

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