Gladzor university

Vayots Dzor
1291 y.

The Gladzor University was a well known Armenian mid-century educational center. As a university it was mentioned since the year 1291. And it remained thus till the year 1340, under the leadership of Nerses Mshetsi, Esayi Nchetsi and finally Tiratur. The university had its own rules and regulations, educational degrees and graduation requirements. It was inclined to be the sort of university much like those with social science and art curriculums. It had three auditoriums where music, bibliography, miniature, theology, philisophy, math, astronomy, geometry were taught. The university had close to twenty educators and bishops.

Students came here from many regions of Armenia and Cilicia for their educational needs. Threehundred and fifty teachers and bishops graduated from Gladzor University in order to educate others in the different centers of Armenia. The duration of education was 7-8 years, not counting three years of education for priesthood, which was necessary in order to enter the University. The graduates were receiving “the bishop’s order” or “the bishop’s pointer”, which gave them the right to teach. The Gladzor University held a political-idealogical stand against the Catholic Church, which wanted to establish the Pope’s leadership in Armenia and Cilicia. The university was sponsored by Proshyan’s and Orbelyan’s houses and also by the authority of the Syunik Church.

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