Proshaberd (Boloraberd) fortress

Vayots Dzor

The Boloraberd fortress is located in the Vayots Dzor district, (6-7 km to the north of Gladzor village) which is full of abrupt slopes of the inaccessible mountain. It was built by the ruler Prosh in the 13th century, and that is why the fortress was sometimes called «Prosh’s Fortress».

The fortress had strong walls and its own water supply, whose remnants are still noticable even today. On the eastern part the St.Astvatzatzin (Holy Virgin) monastery and chapel still exists.

* * *

The Persian ruler decided to attack Boloraberd, but after several failed attempts he decided to cut off the water supply, but his soldiers could not find the water source. One wise man advised the ruler to keep a mule thirsty for seven days and nigths, and then set him free. They did as told, and after seven days the mule starts to search for water, and finally starts digging exactly at the place where the fort’s water supply was located. And because the water supply was shut off, the fort’s defenders were forced to surrender.

According the legends, Prosh fearing possible dangers to come, hid his treasures inside the fort’s walls, and in the neighboring mountains and ravines. As the saying goes, «If one could understand the signs left by Prosh, they would possibly find those treasures».

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